solution-centred, performance-driven business psychology

How We Work

T2i’s 5 Step Methodology looks beyond a ‘one best way’ approach to generate solutions tailored to client needs.

Discovery – We invest time to understand your organisation, your objectives and why they are important to you.

Diagnosis – Formal and informal diagnostic tools and tactics help accurately identify key areas to action and potential challenges we may face in doing so.

Design & Define – Solutions are designed to deliver desired outcomes, be sensitive to practical constraints and able to be benchmarked against pre-defined ‘measurables’.

Delivery – Is via a range of modalities to suit you, from embedded consultancy to off site facilitation meetings, 1-2-1 coaching to group based sessions.

De-Brief & Review – We’re only satisfied if you are, reviewing every project against pre-agreed outcomes and actively seeking feedback so we continue to improve our service.  

All costs are assessed on a project-by-project basis and can be discussed at any point in the process.

Our Core Values

Positive Impact – We deal in flourish rather than fixes. Yes we resolve issues but the real aim is ‘value add’ and enabling you to maximise potential.

Results Focused – Whether enhancing bottom line, changing behaviour or improving engagement. We understand the need to make a tangible, measurable difference.

Real World – We’ve been your side of the fence, we are familiar with the day-to-day commercial realities and the need for solutions to be practical as well as effective.

Collaborative – We work with you, not for you. Our ‘teach to fish’ philosophy combines understanding and self-management to generate sustainable solutions you can run with.

Passionate – We are passionate about what we do so as well as knowledge, experience and some fresh ideas we'll inject energy, enthusiasm and commitment.

How We Work

We look beyond a 'one best way' approach, generating solutions tailored to exact client needs.