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Individual Coaching & 1-2-1 Development

It's about developing your mindset and your skillset

Why is it that some people are able to consistently deliver at the highest level? They are clear on what they want to accomplish, and confident that they can overcome whatever challenges they may encounter in achieving their aims.

Why do some of us display greater resilience to setbacks than others? They accept that progress is unlikely to be seamless, and display an ability to think clearly and correctly in pressure situations, and retain focus on the task in hand.

Why do some people always find a way to get the job done? They are adept at solving problems, and recognise the need to continually adapt and develop and to embrace fresh ways of working.

At T2i we know how to help you do that

At T2i we understand that individual performance is as much about your mind set as your skill set. We know the key psychological ‘skills’ that underpin personal performance, and how they can be learned and developed to allow individuals to substantially improve their results and achieve their objectives.

Through coaching and 1-2-1 development we boost individual performance by equipping them with key psychological skills. Run either as an integrated programme, or one off sessions that target selected skills such as confidence, resilience or emotional intelligence, we tailor programmes to the precise needs of the individual and the outcomes they want to achieve.

Using an approach built around first understanding the person we are working with, early foundation sessions are designed to raise the individual's awareness of their key personality traits, core motivaitonal drivers, personal value sets and signature strengths, and how these shape their attitudes, behaviours and overall performance.

Subsequent development sessions then use these insights as a lens through which to explore the specific or general challenges they are facing, and as a foundation to help them develop practical and effective strategies to overcome them.

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Individual Coaching & 1-2-1 Development

"Thank you for all your help and support. The skills and knowledge you have equipped me with will be of great assistance throughout my whole career."