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Selection & Development Assessment

Right people, doing the right things, heading in the right direction.

Accurate and effective assessment underpins all aspects of a successful Talent Management strategy - recruitment selection, retention and development. Poor hiring decisions cost more than money and failure to identify and develop talent, new or existing, may result in that potential being realised elsewhere.

Drawing on 20 years recruitment experience, and an in depth understanding of the psychological processes in play, we’ll  hone your Assessment approach to Selection and Development. Whether refining specific elements or designing ‘end to end’ strategy, we custom build all stages ensuring they assess on the key performance criteria and reduce risk of bias or decision-making errors.

We combine the appliance of science with the human touch, allowing those making final evaluations to have all the relevant information at their disposal. Our portfolio of psychometric tools affords invaluable insights into the key personality traits, leadership styles, motivational drivers and specific abilities of prospective hires and, in conjunction with well-structured F2F assessments, creates a highly effective selection process.

External hire or internal development assessment, single key C-suite appointment or volume based assessment centres. To learn more about how T2I can assist you with your Talent Management strategy or to arrange a confidential, no obligation Discovery meeting contact T2I on 0777-159-7334 or e-mail us at

Selection & Development Assessment

Effective assessment underpins all aspects of a successful Talent Management strategy - recruitment, retention and development.